Spectrum Thermal Processing


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Spectrum Thermal Processing provides heat treating services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics and Machine Tool industries.

Spectrum Thermal Processing provides a clear choice in heat treating capability in Pressure Quenching, Oil Quenching and Surface Enhancement.

We are leaders in Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing services in commercial heat treating. Spectrum Thermal Processing performs close tolerance gas nitriding to the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

We are known for providing reliable and consistent processing of our customers work.

Let Spectrum review your needs; using capabilities designed to add value to your work.

Redundant Capability

Whether you have a large lot or a sample lot: Spectrum is ready to help with redundant processing capability.

Spectrum will tailor the furnace to the load size. This way you can benefit from the optimized processing cost.

With redundant processing, the processes you need are always available when you need them.

Downtime is minimized since Spectrum can switch parts from one furnace to another and keep you on schedule with your customers.

Spectrum Thermal Processing - Redundant Capability to keep you on schedule.